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Hi Daddy πŸ’œ,

It’s me,Your Baby Chichi.
I had the most beautiful experience at The New Jerusalem Experience and it was beautiful. I sat before you,I wept and I learned,I fed from you. Sir Fred was speaking about how we should believe the Word of God & I was rebuked,I realised I don’t really believe your word and that made me feel bad. I was thinking of how far you’ve brought me,All you’ve done for me and yet I don’t believe your word. The same word that you exalt above your word,Forgive me Daddy 😒,I repent.

Before I went to the meeting,I was at the side chapel when Man X called me,Man XπŸ˜‚ cool right,Well we spoke and I thought of something I heard on a vlog Heather did on Facebook. It’s not healthy cause after i spoke to Man X,He told me about how his New Year’s Eve was. In his words,”It was lit πŸ”₯,” while I spent mine crying to you(Over him),alone (Everyone had gone to an overnight πŸ™ˆ) .Man X was having the time of his life somewhere πŸ˜‰. Daddy,It stung. And maybe it’s cause I had been praying and hoping it would never come to this but it did. It was your willπŸ’•. Man X seemed perfect for me.Β  I cannot even begin to explain how amazing this guy is Daddy. Anyway that’s not the story hereπŸ˜‚,What really got to and still is hurting me a little is how someone who made it seem like I meant so much can just brush me off like I didn’t even exist.I expected him to fight for this but he didn’t. From the get go I could tell he had given up,Because we were growing at different levels,Translation:I’m too spiritual. It was a mutual agreement but I felt dumped.
When I went to the New Jerusalem meeting today,I was reminded of your great love for me. And I was provoked,I need to get back to scripture and not wallow in sadness and self pity. Those things aren’t even of you Daddy. I realize that even though I’m hurting now and even though it seems like I lost someone who meant the world to me,I have you. I have your love and The sweet Holy Spirit to comfort me and heal my broken heart πŸ’”.

This season is one that will draw me closer to you and I can’t wait to be with you all the time. I love you Daddy,I’m going to make you proud through this test and be the strong girl you created me to be πŸ’ͺ .

I am excited and looking forward to our one on one moments. It’s good it’s at the beginning of the year. It will be beautiful,Falling and growing love with you,I can’t wait. I thankyou for you are close by,Like your word says,You are close to the broken hearted and close to those crushed in spirit. (Psalm 34.18)
I rest in this. I know.you adore me. Your baby girl,Chichi πŸ’œ.